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Seedling Spiritual is the home of Embodied Tarot, an approach to tarot and astrology that is

rooted in the body's response to archetype and impulse.

Nix is happy to offer tarot readings, meditation, and birth charts tailored to your growth and greatest and highest good. I always try to offer meditation and reflection rather than suggestions or advice to help you weed around and nurture the seeds you have been planting for your spiritual growth.


There are free readings every week on Instagram as well as 'Pick a Pile' readings which include crystals and Oracle cards, Tarot spreads you can utilize in your own practice, and a weekly IGTV episode of Tea Time Tarot which delves into the energy for the week or cards for collective meditation.


If you are interested in more personal and bespoke guidance, I look forward to working with you to put something together. 

Seedling Spiritual

Nicole identifies as a Cantadora by trade and calling. A keeper of stories and lover of souls, she reads tarot like she reads people,; directly and honestly but with heart, perspective, and humility.


Born in the Rockies and transplanted to the UK, Nicole is an MFA trained actress, a houseboat water witch, immigrant, intersectional feminist, and proud cat & plant mom.

She is an open book and hopes to bring you closer to you through tarot readings rooted in narrative,

meditation, chakra balance,

embodied workshops and healing sessions and a little bit of dirt. 

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