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Seedling Spiritual 2022
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Seedling Spiritual is the home of Embodied Tarot, an approach to tarot and astrology that is

rooted in the body's response to archetype and impulse.

Nix is happy to offer tarot readings, meditation, and physical attunement sessions tailored to your growth and greatest and highest good. I always try to offer meditation and reflection rather than suggestions or advice to help you weed around and nurture the seeds you have been planting for your spiritual growth.

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Nicole or Nix (she/they) is a storyteller of lineage and calling who uses the performing arts and oral alchemy to heal, teach, and channel. She is an actress and teaching artist who uses the tarot and mythology combined with anatomy and movement work to help clients and students tune back in to the unique wisdom we each carry. Nicole wants to help you heal in organic time, whatever that means for you, and tarot readings with her are always geared towards grounding you and helping you hear what parts of you need to be nurtured. 

Nix was born and raised on the unceded land now known as Yellowstone National Park- home to volcanoes and geysers and ancient nature- and the love of deep and slow moving life is the driving force of her practice. She is an open door and a forever bleeding heart, so please stop by (digitally or in person) if you feel like connecting. You can find her here or on instagram @seedlingspiritual.

Nix | Seedling Spiritual

Thank you for reaching out!

Nicole will be in touch soon!

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