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Hello lovely soul, 

Welcome to Seedling Spiritual! I hope you have found your way here in search of peace, light, and maybe a bit of courage. Tarot has given me such a gorgeous gift of spiritual connection aligned with faith and compassion in the timing of the universe. I hope to share that with you as you need. I read tarot and coach embodied intuitive healing through modified actor training techniques rooted in Somatic Movement and Laban. 

If you would like to read a bit more about my practice, please spend some time on the instagram feed below! That's where I hang out most and there are endless free readings and resources to give you a taste of me. 


If you still don't feel like you've gotten what you came for or have any questions, please reach out!

I'm an open book and aim to guide and help as I can.

All the love and support to you and yours.

             -Nix, Miss Cleo, and little Shadow Man xx

Meet the Tarot

So, what is 'Embodied Tarot?'

Great question! Embodied Tarot is a practice Nicole has developed rooted in Laban and Somatic Movement to help people witness their own bodies as the first and most important carrier of messages from Spirit. Whether you are a starseed, practice ancestral magic, are part of a mainstream religion, or some combination of all or none of the above, you are still in a skin suit here on Earth, now. 

Embodied Tarot leans into the truth and sacredness of your muscles, bones, synapses, cells, and tissues and aims to introduce you through archetype and movement to who you really are meant to become down here while we walk together briefly through this life. 

More in these quick! little videos if you are interested!

Embodied Tarot
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