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Growth 🌾

Despite the freezing temperatures and snowy evenings, I’ve been telling my partner lately that spring *is* coming...

No he says. Next month is always the worst...

Yes, but... I say...

Things are starting to bud. 🌱

I think now more than ever we’ve been sucked into the calendar so deeply we forget that that sort of square to square 24 hour collection is a construct of our own making.

The planet doesn’t care if you think it’s supposed to be snowy in February. It knows when the time has come to *start* blossoming.

Where have you been pushing your own growth in some areas and maybe ignoring some tiny brave sprouts in others for the sake of a constructed calendar, bbs? And more importantly- are you starting to blossom and not giving yourself credit or caring for that space?

The myth that were only growing when we’re grinding is such BS. Dangerous BS that pulls you away from places you are actually making progress. Maybe the progress is slow, but it’s steady and there and REAL.

We’re not always supposed to be progressing at warp speed.




As we roll into #imbolc, the first light of spring, find some space to SHARE and be proud of the buds in your own life that are coming through the frost. Have no one to tell? Tell me! Share here!

Y’all. Knowing what is blooming is crucia

l to being able to tend it later. This is lifetime work. Not just about today.

We have this notion and pressure that when spring comes, we have to find the seeds we need to plant and deeply figure out the intentions to nurture through the year...

...they’re starting to show themselves now if you let them.

Where are your buds? How proud of their strength and tenacity and spirit are you? What can you do to keep them safe and healthy?

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