Seedling Spiritual Book A Reading

30 minute reading using Tarot and Oracle cards for detailed, but concise messaging around a specific area of your life, a timeline you are questioning, or just general messaging you are curious about.


If you are booking this reading in collaboration with a Palombina Goods piece, this session can also be used to intention set your new jewellry for your practice or to tie a meditation to the crystal. Whatever works best! 


These readings are delivered as you prefer; live with Nicole, prerecorded audio or video straight to your inbox, or a downloadable PDF. 


30 Minute Reading

  • *Please remember when booking that Nicole will not engage in questioning about other people's lives. These sessions are for you and Spirit. YOUR coming to your own intuition...examples of boundary crossing queries are; do they still love me? What did I do to push them away? What do they want me to do to make this right?