Seedling Spiritual Book A Reading

A distance sleep symbology interpretation using tarot and oracle cards to convey messages from your dream life. 

These sessions can be held live or sent by recording the morning following the dream session. The structure of this service is that Nicole will either meditate with you or around you before she goes to bed, and any symbols or messages that come up in lucid dreaming will then be told to you the following morning. 


Nicole has been a lucid dreamer since her early teens, and has recently been practicing integrating this part of her skill set with tarot readings. 


This type of reading is best for someone who is interested and willing to step into the imagination of their healing...a bit of fun and faith are required to allow someone else into your meditation space. :)


Please reach out if you have questions about this service!

If you are booking this reading in collaboration with a Palombina Goods piece, this session can also be used to intention set your new jewellry for your practice or to

These readings are delivered as you prefer; live with Nicole, prerecorded audio or video straight to your inbox. 

Dream Symbols Session

  • *Please remember when booking that Nicole will not engage in questioning about other people's lives. These sessions are for you and Spirit. YOUR coming to your own intuition...examples of boundary crossing queries are; do they still love me? What did I do to push them away? What do they want me to do to make this right?