Seedling Spiritual Book A Reading

Many cultures believe that a name is a prophesy. I for one, am definitely on board with that idea. Your name is often the only (and most profound) truth in the room. Everything else is negotiable. 


This service is a personalised letter to you, your friend's new baby, your lover, your new self, your chosen identity, or someone who might need a little help remembering who the f*** they are.


These letters are based in myth, research, astrology, tarot, and intuition. They dive into the history, myths, stories, and literal translations of your name, how they relate to when you were born, and give you a peek into the unique magic that only you can be.


They are delivered as a gorgeous downloadable PDF OR I can send them to you in the mail, old fashioned style. (If mailing, please allow up to 14 days for shipping internationally, so order in a timely fashion)!


If you have transitioned, are going through a transition, or have a friend or loved one who is and you think this could support them in any way, this service is free. 


Please get in touch with me at or on instagram and we can chat about how to best connect. 

Personal Mythology Letter