"No creature will call fire by its proper name.

Every beast lives in deadly fear of it,

and invents a hundred ways of describing it."

Red Flower Healing

is an in-person, movement based learning space for spritiual practitioners and tarotistas of all levels in the London area who are interested in learning embodied tarot in a physical, ensemble  based, and workshop environment. 


It is a tiered series of facilitated physical tarot and intuitive learning sessions for femmes who are ready,

and most importantly WILLING to literally step deeper into their practice. 


Please watch the video on my INSTAGRAM to see if this community would be a good fit for you before you fill out an application and if you have ANY questions, please reach out! 


The course will be non-refundable as the womxn hours of planning and emotional space will be in place from now until after the circle has been closed.


Accountability, bravery, and boundaries are tenants of my  own practice

I encourage you to meditate with as you consider joining us. 

We will be playing with fire, after all. 


There is space for all, but not all at once. This is a space that will require emotional stamina, bravery,

openness to sharing with others, and a hefty amount of diving into your own emotional waters. 


It is combination of movement and drama techniques, tarot theory,

and all the magic that makes me a confident cantadora myself. 

I began developing the concept and theory of Red Flower narrative, which essentially boils down to the unleashing and freedom of your inner fire by activating animal instincts and honouring survival intuition on a physical level, while working through my Postgraduate Dissertation in 2017

based in Kipling's The Jungle Book and an exploration into my personal ancestry. 

I have performed and written numerous performance art pieces surrounding the characters who were unleashed in that exploration and they are woven into the backbone of my practice.

I have been deeply called to offer these techniques to others as not only a way into tarot, but a way back into the ownership of your own body and the unfathomable wisdom and magic it holds. 

*All tarot levels and physical abilities are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Please note that the courses will be taught in English.*

What is it?

  • A movement based tarot workshop facilitated by myself experienced in 2 consecutive , 4 hour a piece workshop sessions in London (socially distanced and in a COVID aware space) with 12 to 15 participants. 

  • The workshops are a combination of tarot theory, movement techniques and sequencing, as well as intuitive and guided physicalized meditations. 

  • An opportunity for you to literally step into your practice on a deeper and more human level. 

  • A space to reclaim your body as a vessel and to move any bias against your body out of the way to better tune into your intuition. 

Why join?

  • If you are ready and needing a space to learn more about your body and how it relates to your personal narrative. 

  • If you have a calling to learn or relearn tarot, step back into a relationship with sprit or storytelling, or if you are just plain curious about how your body MOVES.

  • If you are curious and called. That is always a good enough reason to say yes. 


  • Dates: September 2020 in London. Space to be announced (depending on COVID restrictions).

  • Cost: £200 - £250 (payment options can be discussed individually)

  • Requirements: none


Embodied Tarot

Workshop Application