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Nix Palomba Tarot Festivals and Events

Nix also provides tarot reading, reiki, and Alexander attunement services in festival and event settings across the UK. She has been involved in various festivals and events, helping people in spaces from tents to art galleries to hen do's. From 2022-2024, Nix has been featured at One Hundred Shoreditch in London, Bless Stories in Stoke Newington, with the Mamma Wellbeing community at Soho House, the Healing Village at Medicine Festival, and House of Hackney's London Witchmas Celebrations, a panel discussion on Tarot and Women

at The Feminist Bookshop in Brighton, numerous Tarot, Astrology, and Movement Workshops throughout London as well as in shop readings at various shops and spaces across the Hertford area. 


She was also featured in an article in Women's Health 2024 regarding Tarot as a mental health tool. 

In addition to Tarot and Healing, Nix also facilitates Women's Circles and Rage Workshops.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss Nix joining your next event or festival, 

or if you have something unique in mind you would like to put together. 

The tarot is a gorgeous companion to any wellness or embodiment space. 

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