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Just a note...

Just a note.

I’ve noticed people generally rapidly unfollow me when I put up people things.

Personal things.

Silly or political things.

Things that I believe in that have context outside tarot.

Before you smash that unfollow button, I invite you to think about why you followed me (or any healer) in the first place.

What this little community offers really...

My work is of the body.

Bridging the spirit and your vessel by picking apart your *now.*

Nows are made for living. For feeling. For getting passionate and heated about the world and our place on and in it...being silly and lovable or angry or opinionated or wrong maybe... sharing memes and cats as well as big downloads and trendy filters...

And this now is my now, too.

We’re walking with you. We get to human as well.

I welcome you all, but also ALL of you.

Spiritual work is not devoid of current events. Love and light is a myth (a dangerous one if you ask me) because where there is light and people dare to stand, a shadow will *always* fall.

Why is it annoying? Eye rolling? Bothersome? To see a photo of someone’s cat? Partner? Home? Silly side?

We are not products.

Please do not commodify us into boxes on a shelf. Our work is difficult and we are people behind these screens.

If the content isn’t for you, all the respect and I hope you find where you need to be.

I just am noticing that the exodus happens often this way, to many people I know and love. And it invalidates not only our human experience outside our services, but also yours.

Just some thoughts...

As always, all the love, bbs.

You do you.


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