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No answer is an answer.

Some wisdom from my mom this lovely Sunday.

I used to be quite frequently (and sometimes aggressively) frustrated with prayer as a young person...that feeling of nothing was too much for all my water selves to handle.

But my Cancer Sun Virgo Rising Mamma always used to tell me that no answer is an answer, and an equally as important one.

Whether it’s guides or prayers or your favourite readers or friends, I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s been a bit quiet everywhere lately.

How are you doing with the waiting?

The quiet?

The having to sit in your own space and wisdom and (wherever else you can hear now)?

I’m not a patient woman, bbs. But I am learning to be more comfortable (even excited by) my own company and wisdom and in that I’ve started to appreciate the moments of ‘not now’ from the universe as they come down the pipe.

If you’re in one at the minute, maybe what is that an invitation to? A permission for?

Time is such a strange gift... and time with ourselves is even more strange...what are you learning and listening for in this quiet empty space?


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