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You don't have to be all the things all the time.

This has been coming through very loudly.

We’re more than one being.

We have all versions we’ve ever been and simultaneously all the hopes for who we want to be. With all going on now, I think it’s important- crucial even- to stay conscious that this work is life long work. We can (and should) oscillate on that infinity loop ♾ between all our selves...between our light and shadow... between speaking and listening...leading and being guided... wielding and resting...I don’t know about y’all? But I’ve felt an immense pressure to be more lately.

Do more.

Say more.

Change faster.

Let’s be clear, I have no plans to take my foot of the revolutionary gas pedal, but I have lost a bit of direction. Don’t know if you’re there too?? And I feel like finding my way towards my cardinal space has to happen in pieces. Day by day and self by self. How do I listen now that I’ve changed? How do I speak now that I’m this version and not the version I was last week...or in March...or in January...or in do I move and BE and have we given ourselves the space to learn who we are NOW.

Never check out, but a reminder to check in has been coming in strongly. We have to have movement, fluidity between all our selves as we work toward a better now. I tell my students it’s like a child trying to hold all their toys at once...something always falls and they have to go back for it.

Take time for each self. You can be creative some days and drained the next. You can be on FIRE for change some days and then be checked back into a place of unlearning and listening... completely allowing each self to be who they need to be in order to move all of you forward.

I hope there’s something here that allows you to sit with the part of you that needs to be focused on today. Mine is listening. Something is trying to come through and I need to quiet down to hear it so the next time I get loud, the communication is purposeful. Where are you being asked to tune in a bit, bbs? And are you brave enough to do it?


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